Mission & Services

Lépéselőny Association

Lépéselőny Employment Related Services Association, Debrecen

The Lépéselőny Association is a non-governmental organization dealing with re-integration of the unemployed of full value and job seekers with disability. Since 2002. we have been working on improvement of the labor market situation in Hajdú-Bihar County and the Northern Great Plain Region.

Debrecen Employment Centre is linked with the name of our association, which provides civilian alternative for the problems related to social environment and employment of the region and supports the work of employers. Our mission is to provide the best solution and service in education and employment in accordance with European standards.

Our target groups: school leavers, young mothers, low-skilled, people with disability, the Roma, disadvantaged, disabled people.

In order to increase the number of employers we provide wide range of alternative labor market services and consultancy: a personal contact with employers, employers’ forums, sensitizing trainings, job fairs. Debrecen Employment Centre is an information and employment rehabilitation base for those companies that wish to employ disadvantaged workers or interested in social responsibility.

Our services:
• help disadvantaged groups to prepare for work ;
• employment and day care for persons with disability in Debrecen Rainbow House;
• organization of cultural and sports events for people with disability;
• education, training, skills development, popular-science lectures;
• provision of services for job seekers in the labor market:vocational guidance, résumé development, training in interview skills, life planning counseling, help with looking for sutable jobs, club activity, vocational (further) training;
• support for businesses, providing sheltered employment, recruitment, family-friendly and consumer-oriented advertising.

We provide the opportunity of equal access to public information for people with disability. Sign language interpreter helps the deaf to learn in our trainings. We consider the specific needs of the different disability groups.

Long-term goals:
• to improve the employment chances of people with disability and help them to find work and keep a job
• to provide information about labor market and employment for both employees and employers
• to overcome difficulties related to the employment on individual and organizational level


Lépéselőny Employment Related Services Association

Hungary 4026 Debrecen, 36. Csap Street
Phone/Fax: 52/787-777
Mobile: 20/577-7863
Mail: foglalkoztatasikozpont@gmail.com